Fabric Anatomy

Anatomy of a Fabric Building

A fabric building is made of up of three main components. A foundation, a frame and a fabric cover. Utilizing the sturdiest materials on the market, we construct high quality buildings that stand up to regional building specs.


Flexible foundation options exist to accommodate any new or existing site. These include I-beams, Pre-cast Concrete Blocks, T-Panels, L-Panels, Cast-In-Place Concrete, Jersey Barriers, helical piles, and even connex boxes.


Steel Frame

  • Combination of square and round tubing to promote sturdiness and accommodate the overall shape the building
  • Hot-dipped galvanized to resist corrosion and provide smooth surface for fabric cover to attach


Fabric Cover

  • Made of Enduro-Loc™ polyethylene fabric that is the most durable on the market
  • Optional monolithic cover or sectional cover
  • UV resistant
  • Lets natural light through to reduce energy costs
  • Available in custom colors
  • Easily expandable