Indoor Arenas are expanding in Popularity

Our indoor sports & recreation fabric buildings provide the most cost-effective, spacious arenas for sporting events of all kinds. Our design has proven to withstand all of the outdoor environmental elements while creating an unmatched indoor environment for spectators and players alike.

Key Advantages

Unobstructed Design: Our buildings are constructed without any internal support, so players don’t have to worry about any obstructions, and there won’t be one obstructed view in the entire facility.
Energy Efficiency: Our fabric coverings allow for natural light to illuminate the space, reducing energy costs, while keeping all precipitation and other unwanted elements outdoors.
Customization: When it comes to customizing our buildings, size and shape are not the only options. Other possibilities include adding sidewalls for exit doors, fire sprinkler systems, ventilation systems, and more. Certified engineers approve all of our designs so you can be sure that whatever you choose will be safe and long lasting.