Fabric structures that stand up to the elements.

Fabric structures are fast becoming the go-to solution for many permanent and temporary facility needs due to faster builds, high energy efficiency, and lower lifecycle costs. With Winston Michael, you’ll experience a custom-built experience at commercial off the shelf prices. Just look at the wide array of uses for our buildings.

We’ve got you covered, here’s how:


We help you determine the best custom solution for your unique business needs.


We work with the best steel and fabric manufacturers in the industry to provide the highest quality buildings that meet your project schedule.


We provide full “cradle-to-grave” project management services anywhere in the project lifecycle. It’s never to late to contact Winston Michael for help.

Why Fabric Buildings?

Learn why Winston Michael fabric buildings are more flexible and efficient than other buildings and why they are right for you.

Why Winston Michael?

We’ve got the experience & know-how to get you the highest-quality building at the best price. Learn how we get your project done fast and efficiently.