Work with one of our Distributors

Based on our 20+ years in the facilities industry, Winston Michael is not just a traditional supplier but can work with site points of contact to answer questions, clarify site specific requirements, and troubleshoot any last-minute user issues. We work directly with manufactures to track materials fabrication and provide customers with project specific schedules for appropriate planning. We offer flexible shipping arrangements to meet whatever your schedule needs might be.

With a purchase order executed, engineering (shop drawings, reactions, etc.) is completed and submitted to the member for review. This allows for any questions, ensures that requirements have not changed, and confirms that the design meets the need. Upon customer approval, the building is released to fabrication. Products are packed in the most cost-efficient means with installation instructions and packing lists of all materials. We work with the member to identify required delivery dates based on need, approved permits, site conditions (i.e., whether foundation is in place if not provided by Winston Michael), etc., as well as advise on off-loading requirements. We then work with multiple carriers to find the best shipping price to meet the requirements, enquire as to any special needs (e.g., for shipment to Hawaii or Alaska), and finalize the delivery schedule. If Winston Michael is responsible for the install, our team will inventory the materials to ensure no parts are missing then proceed with erection at the best price.