Why Fabric Buildings?

When you think of a fabric building, it brings images of tents to mind. The material covering an industrial tent and an fabric building can be made of the same material but the main difference is the amount of tension each frame can hold. As you increase the tension of the fabric across its frame members, the stronger the structure becomes. It is this reason, the frame becomes the most important aspect in fabric structures.

If your requirements are for a week long event in a nice climate, tents might be the appropriate structure but if you need a semi-permanent or permanent structure, fabric buildings might be the right choice for you.

Whether that means protecting crops from harsh elements, using the structure as a showroom for new products, or designing a new community recreational facility, our buildings will always stand out among the rest for these reasons:


  • Durable materials meant to last a lifetime
  • Low maintenance and operating costs
  • Portability for temporary buildings
  • Options for all project budgets
  • Custom foundation and sidewall options
  • Custom heights, widths, and profiles
  • Easy maneuverability without any internal beams
  • Engineered to meet building codes
  • Extended warranty to back up our exceptional products
  • Outstanding customer service and fabric building installers for all questions and concerns

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